On The Original Shake and Stir Magazine, you can find many articles on vintage festivals that are happening throughout the UK. Stay in the know about when and where these festivals are happening and how to get the most from attending.

Vintage Festivals

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Vintage festivals have become one of the most popular types of festivals in the UK. At these festivals, one can see and experience the world of older times and witness some of the most antique and vintage items.

Festival attendees usually dress up in vintage clothes from back in the day, adding to the theme and feel of these festivals. You can witness vintage cars on display and many other vintage items from way back.

On The Original Shake and Stir, you can find many articles on these events and where and when they take place throughout the UK. As many of these festivals are quite huge, there are always many things to do and explore. Experience the older times by visiting these festivals.


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A vintage festival can boast exciting elements to the programmes. You can expect anything to do with the arts of time theme of the festival, classic cars, the fashion of those years and even some classic foods, all to go with the theme of the specific festival.

The little things count at these festivals. Whatever year the festival is focused on will be displayed through many elements in the programme. From kegs to dancing, outfits and more.

Some may feature open-air cinemas with films focused on the 1920s to 1970s, antique clothes, and a marketplace to buy almost any retro or vintage item you have been hunting for.


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Having a love for older times or not, these festivals will entertain anyone attending them and provide an array of entertainment factors. Some feature cinemas and catwalks on vintage clothing items.

Vintage car boot sales are also a major part of some of the vintage festivals throughout the UK. On vintage car book sales, you can find many retro and antique items, either as investments or just have some piece of history to take home.

Music and vibe play an important part in these festivals with live bands and old-school music.

When and Where

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