Vintage festivals are all about vintage items and entertainment from the olden days. On this page, you can see a list of blogs catering for vintage items and festivals.

Collectif/Vintage Fashion –

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Vintage festivals have a major focus on the fashion of the olden days. Attending these festivals, you can immediately notice all attendees dressing up in vintage clothes. At Collectif, you can read all about vintage fashion and clothing. They were established in 2000 and are inspired by fashion from the 1940s to – 1950s.

Steel Vintage –

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Many vintages and vintage-inspired pieces of furniture can be found at vintage festivals. Many attendees visit these festivals especially for hunting vintage furniture. Steel vintage is based in Bristol, UK and specialises in the design and production of bespoke luxury handmade vintage furniture. The furniture includes tables, desks, storage, and seating.

Wildcard Curiosities –

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Based in Leicester UK and founded in 2019, this blog provides a focus on antique and vintage handmade items. You read about the history of each item, where and when they were made, by who, and even check their online shop if there’s any interest in some of the items.

At vintage festivals, you can find many vintage items for sale, but Wildcard is focused on handmade vintage items.

Visiting any of these blogs can help any individual interested in visiting vintage festivals to be prepared with the clothing they would love to wear to the vintage festival. A good thing to take from these blogs is to build knowledge on the historical vintage items in case you find a valuable item at a bargain price.