Investing in Vintage Slot Machines

Having an old vintage slot machine in the garage or knowing of one can make you some serious money. Any slot machine which was built before the 1930s can be considered vintage or antique.

With casinos becoming much more modern with slot machines and even going online, vintage items have become sought after by many investors. Online casinos even tend to add digital slots to their websites with a vintage look and theme. Some modern and vintage themed slots can be found on and can also generate some good cash.

Any slot machine which was manufactured just after the 1930s are seen as contemporary slot machines and may also be wise investments. Replacement parts were not commonly available, thus causing the vintage machines to still have their original parts. Any new machine or machines which were manufactured after 1930 might have been tampered with.

Featured image Investing in Vintage Slot Machines The Original Shake and Stir - Investing in Vintage Slot Machines

With antique and vintage machines, it’s vital to have the original parts still intact, whether they are working or not. Some have found luck with good deals at vintage festivals throughout the UK.

Finding vintage machines in perfect or mint condition might not be an easy task, but if it can be found, it will be worth the investment. One thing to keep in mind is if a machine has been restored, it might drop in value and not increase. Finding a machine from the 1930s to 1940s for less than £3000 means it might have already been restored.

The best investments in vintage slot machines can be seen as models from the 1800s. Some of the machines ranging up until 1899 manufacturing dates can reach up to £280 000. Looking at online casino slot games, you can also make good cash without investing much. Some have interesting and high graphic themes to enjoy.