The Rise of Outdoor Cinemas with Vintage Festivals

Among many entertainment elements from vintage festivals, outdoor cinema is one of the most entertaining. Since these festivals have started to incorporate cinema into their programmes, the popularity of outdoor cinema has been growing vastly throughout the UK.

Even looking at the drive-in cinemas in the UK, one can see just how much the popularity has grown. During the Corona Virus pandemic, the number of drive-in cinemas went from 3 to 40 cinemas. Before the pandemic, the UK only had 3 drive-in cinemas, now there are at least 40 new drive-in cinemas across the UK.

As drive-in cinemas provide a great way to enforce social distancing, it works pretty well for pandemic circumstances. Some of these drive-in cinemas even boast some features found at vintage festivals including rollerblading and roadhouse style food and snack delivery on rollerblades.

Featured image The Rise of Outdoor Cinemas with Vintage Festivals The Original Shake and Stir - The Rise of Outdoor Cinemas with Vintage Festivals

The pandemic saw many movie production companies not producing high-quality films due to anxiety from losing money due to people not attending places of gatherings to follow social distancing.

With most of the UK’s indoor cinemas remaining closed throughout the pandemic, it also provides a great means to start up drive-in and any other style of outdoor cinema.

Another reason for the rise in these outdoor cinemas is the variety of screening choices for attendees. At outdoor cinemas, you can watch some very classic and vintage films from the olden days to recap on the feel of those years.

Many new movies have also been screened at outdoor cinemas including Knives Out and Rocketman. Remembering how these cinemas use to be, things have changed a lot with outdoor cinema viewing. Most outdoor cinemas have been investing in better quality screens and sound systems to attract filmgoers.

The rise of outdoor cinemas can be seen as a major positive element to the entertainment industry and a way for filmgoers to keep experiencing their favourite films and new films with a more casual feel than indoor cinemas.